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Design methodology for embedded systems made upon small networks of hardware reconfigurable nodes and connections


Project ReCoNets

ReCoNets in a Nutshell

Automotive, avionic or body-area networks are systems that consist of communicating nodes specialized for certain purposes. Typically, these systems underly constraints such as fault-tolerance, availability but also flexibility. The ReCoNets-group presents a novel framework for increasing fault-tolerance and flexibility by separating functionality from structure. Based on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) in combination with a CPU, we allow that tasks implemented in hardware or software can migrate from one node to another in case of a node defect. If not enough hardware/software resources are available we allow that functionality can change its implementation style at runtime, i.e. a task can either run in hardware or software respectively.

For a first impression how the system works, please have a look at the ReCoNets-Demonstrator page. There, we will provide a video that explains the basic functionality of the demonstrator. For a detailed description of the demonstrator, please refer to the methodology and the project goals pages. Of course, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Radio-Interview mit dem Bayerischen Rundfunk

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(die letzten vier Minuten enthalten einen Beitrag über das ReCoNet)
gesendet am 05.05. auf Bayern3, am 07.05. auf Bayern2 und am 13.05. auf Bayern5

Events in 2009

ReCoBus-Builder Released
The ReCoBus-Builder is a push-button tool for generating communication architectures for runtime reconfigurable system on Xilinx FPGAs.
It seamlessly integrates into the Xilinx ISE tool suite. Try it now!
ReCoBus Logo

Events in 2008

Two filed patents:
  • Logic Chip, Method and Computer Program for Providing a Configuration Information for a Configurable Logic Chip (PCT/EP2008/007343)
  • Logic Chip, Logic System and Method for Designing a Logic Chip (PCT/EP2008/007342)

Events in 2006

European Science Open Forum in Munich (15.07.-19.07.2006):

European Science Open Forum
Joint booth of Bayern-Innovativ in Hannover:

Hannover Messe
Friday Workshop at DATE-Conference 2006 in Munich: "Future Trends in Automotive Electronics and Tool Integration"


Events in 2005

Die lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

This project is supported in part by the german science foundation (DFG)

  Impressum Stand: 19 January 2009.   D.K.